Friday, July 11, 2008

Alladdins Eatery

The post gives this place 4*'s and that what it deserves. The place is excellent to try out different Lebanese food rather inexpensively. To start with try one of their mint tea's or Chinese mist teas ( Unsweetened iced tea ). They have a range of appetizers. We tried the 'Baba' - grilled pureed eggplant , which had a refreshing tangy taste to it. Together with that a large serving of traditional Falafel - which was served with a light yogurt sauce. For the main course four of us shared a house special Jasmine rice pilaf with tawook chicken , lamb plate ( tender grilled pieces of lamb with lightly spiced rice topped with pine nuts along with the same yogurt sauce that accompanied the Falafel ) and a chicken pitza - which was really cool. It was a pizza with a base of a pita but strong enough to hold the topping. 4 slices for under 6$. Finally to finish it try the baklava sample to which I must say , that is the finest baklava I have had in the DC area :)

Visited 7/11/08 - Dinner

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