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Bohri style chicken kaari

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Ok so im going to put the recipe here once n for all.

.5 lb wheat - dehusked and polished, broken wheat . You can find this in persian/mediterranean grocery stores.
.2 lb rice
.2 lb toor daal(Indian grocery )
2 lb lamb
4 tbsp jeera
10 tbsp olive oil
2 tsp red chilly powder
1 tbsp garam masala powder
1 heaped tbsp whole cloves , pepper corns
3 bay leaves
1 big onion roughly chopped
5 green chillies
2 heads ginger (1 head juliened )
2-3 tbsp ginger garlic paste
1 cup milk

Soak grains in 1.5 litres of water for a couple hours. Then add 2 green chillies cut in half. Allow water to come to a boil. Cover and leave aside overnight.

Allow upto 2-3 hours for preparation.

Marinade the lamb with the ginger garlic paste and salt and pepper for an hour.

Meanwhile checking on the soaked grains, the wheat should have puffed up at this point and the rice and daal should be completely cooked. If all the water is soaked up add another 3/4 litres of water. Allow it to simmer for 80-90 minutes stirring occasionally.

Add 5tbsp of oil to the pressure cooker and heat. Cut the remaining 3 green chillies to the oil and allow to fry. Add the lamb and .5 liter water. Add the roughly chopped onions. Allow to pressure cook for 25-30 minutes.

Check if the wheat is done by pressing between your fingers. It should feel like hard butter. At this point take the grains of the heat. Add milk and use a hand blender to blend to a course consistency.

Heat the other 5tbsp of oil in a small pan. Fry the whole pepper corns cloves red chilly powder garam masala powder jeera. Add to the grain blend. Let it simmer.

Check the lamb if it is less than fork tender. Add it to the grain mix along with its broth. Let it simmer until the lamb is completely cooked.

To garnish
1/2 onion cut long.
2 tbsp garam masala powder
Ginger juliened
1/2 bunch mint
1 lime

Fry onion until golden brown. Top the grain mix with the above garnishing.

Saami kabobs

Chocolate mousse

Still didn't turn out as good as 05-doshis bday

Eid festivities 08 - bohri biryaan

Been 3 years but can never forget bohri food !

Langar ni Seekh ... Spicy chicken meatloaf

The all famous kadai

I also forced some green palak paneer into his plate with toasted country miche and fresh chapati :)

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Alladdins Eatery

The post gives this place 4*'s and that what it deserves. The place is excellent to try out different Lebanese food rather inexpensively. To start with try one of their mint tea's or Chinese mist teas ( Unsweetened iced tea ). They have a range of appetizers. We tried the 'Baba' - grilled pureed eggplant , which had a refreshing tangy taste to it. Together with that a large serving of traditional Falafel - which was served with a light yogurt sauce. For the main course four of us shared a house special Jasmine rice pilaf with tawook chicken , lamb plate ( tender grilled pieces of lamb with lightly spiced rice topped with pine nuts along with the same yogurt sauce that accompanied the Falafel ) and a chicken pitza - which was really cool. It was a pizza with a base of a pita but strong enough to hold the topping. 4 slices for under 6$. Finally to finish it try the baklava sample to which I must say , that is the finest baklava I have had in the DC area :)

Visited 7/11/08 - Dinner

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