Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Lamb sliders w/ spicy lemon butter & potato gratin

This recipe of lamb sliders ( mini 4oz burgers ) was made up watching the countless lamb recipes watched on FoodTv.

For the burgers :
1 Lb fresh ground lamb
1 egg
1 sprig rosemary
1 tblspn garlic powder
1 tblspn ground ginger ( look for in chinese grocery stores )
1 tspn pepper
1 tblspn dark brown sugar
1 tspn paprika
1 tspn salt
1 tspn dried parsley
7-8 chopped mint leaves

For the gratin :
1 large potato sliced (1.5 cups of sliced potato incase of smaller potatoes)
1 Cup shredded cheddar
1 sprig rosemary
2 tsp paprika
salt and pepper to taste
3 tblspns oil
1 cup milk
1 tblspn soft butter

For the butter :
10-14 mint leaves
4 green chillies
1/2 cup pecans
2 tblspn flax seed
Juice of 1 lemon
1 tblspn butter

For the grilled veggies
1 Onion
1 green bell pepper
salt and pepper to taste
1/2 cup white wine

For the bread :
Pillsbury-Grands buttermilk bisuits

1 Tomato sliced ,for serving with the burgers.

Start with slicing the potatoes and then soak them in cold water for 20-30 minutes. Then start loosening the ground lamb by working it gently with your hands. Add the rest of the ingredients ( for the burgers ) and mix well. Let this sit for around 10 minutes. Cut the onions and green peppers in long pieces for the grilled veggies and keep aside. The gratin can be made in small ramekins or as one big pie and needs the oven to be set to 350F. For the gratin, start with lining the vessel of choice with butter. Layer the sliced potatoes and shredded cheddar cheese. Add the rosemary , salt & pepper between layers with a sprinkling of some paprika. Once all the potato and cheese has been layered , add the milk from the side. Add the oil from the top. Add the potato gratin into oven along with the grand buttermilk biscuits (Follow instructions on box). The biscuits typically take between 10-12 minutes. The potato gratin should start bubbling after 20-25 minutes. After this turn the oven to broil and leave the gratin in their for another 3-4 minutes. Meanwhile start forming burgers by taking meat that is enough to hold in your hand ( the size of a golf ball ). Pat them until they become about 3/4 of an inch thick and are around 2 inches across. You should be able to form around 6 burgers. Heat a skillet and wipe it with a oily tissue paper. Once the skillet start smoking , place the burgers on the skillet. Depending on how you like your burger you should flip the over accordingly. 3.5 minutes for med-rare , 4.5 minutes for med-well done. The meat should release its own oil , drain after each set of burgers and set aside. After the burgers have finished grilling , add the previously cut onions and veggies and add 1 tblspn of stored meat fat and the salt and pepper. Grill the veggies until they start browning. Once they have started browning , add the wine and deglaze the pan. Allow the wine to evaporate and remove from heat. For the spicy butter , start by pureeing all the ingredients but the butter. Once all the ingredients have been pureed , add the butter and puree again.

Serve by cutting the biscuits into half to form a sandwich. Spread some of the butter on the biscuits , add the sliced tomatoes with the grilled veggies. Finally add the burger. Serve with the potato gratin. Serves 3.